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International Portraiture, Family Portraits, Destination Wedding Photography and Portrait Photographers. Photographers in London,UK, Lisbon and MontevideoWe love photography. And people.
As a fact, we love cheesecakes and coffee as well... and while Catalina loves dogs,
Ricardo prefers cats.

Because we also love travelling, International Family Portraiture and Destination Weddings was the obvious path to
follow. So here we are now: in our way to capture those pictures that will pass
from generation to generation, that will decorate walls and will be celebrated now
and forever.

After years of travelling the world we decided that we didn't want to stop doing it.
So, the idea of this portraiture photographic project came to life.

Pistacho Photography is based in and London (UK), Lisbon (Portugal) and Montevideo (Uruguay) with photographers that travel the world capturing the special moments of those who come close to us.
Thanks for passing by. We hope you like our work!

Ric and Cat

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