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If your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, turn it into a comfortable living space. Enjoy the benefits now.

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Conservatory Ceiling Insulation | Call 0800 695 8228

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Different Types of Conservatory
When you contact 2Hot2Cold to quote for an insulated conservatory ceiling or replacement lightweight tiled roof, one of the first questions we ask you is what type of conservatory you have.Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes but they all fall within a range of traditional and contemporary styles. If you are unsure what style of...

Meet the 2Hot2Cold conservatory ceiling fitters
Having workmen in your home is always a bit daunting. So, we thought you’d like to know a bit more about our fitters.Who are they?Our fitters are trained and experienced and employed by us. We don’t sub contract and most of our fitters have been with us since we were founded.But above all else our fitters are skilled and are also nice...

How do I maintain my new insulated conservatory ceiling? And how do I keep it looking fresh?
The good news is, that our insulated ceilings are super low maintenance. That means that you can wave goodbye to intensive and complicated cleaning regimes designed to keep your ceiling clean. In fact, in order to keep your conservatory and its new ceiling, looking it’s best, here’s all you need to do:1. Once in a while (and how often really...

Just how easy is it to fit an insulated ceiling in your conservatory?
If you’re thinking of fitting an insulated ceiling in your conservatory, you probably have a number of questions. How long will it take, what’s involved, is my conservatory suitable, to name but a few.The good news is, that so long as your conservatory is in good condition, the insulation of a new ceiling will be quick, efficient and look...

Why you no longer have to worry about refurbishing your conservatory
How much use are you getting out of your conservatory? It’s probably less than you’d like because in the winter it’s too cold, in the summer too hot and maybe because when it rains, it leaks.So, what’s stopping you getting your conservatory ceiling refurbished with a stylish new roof or insulated and waterproof ceiling? Are you worried...

Lighting up your conservatory with an insulated ceiling
Your conservatory should be the best room in your house. Not only is it a great space to entertain friends and family, it should also be a great place to relax and enjoy your garden in full bloom.But many homeowners look forward to enjoying their conservatory on a warm sunny day, only to find that the blazing sun creates an uncomfortable glare....

Urgh! Damp walls or furniture?
Are your conservatory walls or your furnishings feeling a little damp? Have you noticed mould creeping up the walls and a musty smell coming from your conservatory?Don’t panic!Condensation can be a common problem in conservatories but it can be eliminated.Cause and effectOne of the main causes of mould is condensation in a conservatory. It’s...

Will the insulated ceiling reduce outside noise?
Rain, traffic, and even the neighbours. How do you stop intrusive noise from making your conservatory virtually unusable for most of the year?The answer is easier than you think. By fitting a 2Hot2Cold insulated ceiling, external noise levels can be greatly reduced.We live in a noisy worldWhile being part of a community is great, it means...

Buyer’s guide to blinds v insulated ceiling
Do you want to reclaim your conservatory, which is either too hot or too cold, but, when faced with a number of options, you’re not sure which to pick?Blinds can be tempting and they’re often thought of as a cheaper or more attractive option. However, blinds can be expensive, with prices sometimes quoted as high as £7,000 for a standard...

Did your Granny have a great day today?
We love our grannies, don’t we? They play such a pivotal role in family life. But with the children to pick up, the dog to walk, work commitments and all life’s other demands, it’s not always easy to make the time available to spend time with our elderly, just to make sure that they are ok. Yet a little company and pleasant surroundings...

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Conservatory Ceiling Insulation | Call 0800 695 8228
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