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Fitwell is a health and fitness portal that gives professional medical tips and ideas. It also gives beauty and body care tips.

Fitness ives you all the tips needed to reduce weight and live a healthy life. It advises on health, dieting, fitness, exercise, sexual life

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Simple Feminine Hygiene Tips For Your “Down Below”
 The Vag1na is quite a sensitive part of the female body, prone to smell and also very gullible to disease. Most ladies find it quite hard to maintain the “down below”, sometimes making their men run from pleasuring them. While some make the mistake of using wrong products or not so good products for […]

Keeping Fit: Reasons Why Exercise Is Beneficial
The popular notion towards exercising the body as known by many is to lose weight. However, losing weight is not the only benefit the body gets from exercising. Exercise, is generally any body activity that enhances or maintains physical health and overall health and wellness. There are other benefits exercise gives to the body and […]

Did You Know Breakfast should be the largest Meal of the day?
Did you know that breakfast should be the largest meal of the day? The average worker or business owner typically skips breakfast and leverages on a large lunch and sometimes heavy dinners. Even those that eat it always make it the smallest meal of the day. Typically, breakfast includes cereal, bread and a few slices […]

Protecting Liver and Nine Other Benefits of Moringa
Protecting Liver and Nine Other Benefits of Moringa Moringa plant is beginning to gain more popularity as a new “superfood” for its highly nutritious profile and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-protective properties among many other health benefits. Moringa oleifera, also known as horseradish tree, ben tree, or drumstick...

Most Effective Ways To Cure Alcohol Hangover
In the wake of drinking and having a great time, we wind up wrecked the following morning. Awakening with cerebral pain, tiredness, discombobulation, dry mouth, weariness and heaving are for the most part side effects of headache; aftereffect is the different obnoxious physiological encounters following the consumption of alcoholic drinks....

Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Ewedu Soup
Ewedu soup is a Yoruba soup that is popularly paired with Gbegiri and eaten with Amala. It has a soothing feel to the stomach and is the first choice for numerous Yoruba people, second most times to pounded yam and Eforiro. Today we will be examining the amazing health benefits of Ewedu soup and why you […]

9 Things You Do That Are Slowly Killing You
Here are 9 things you do that are slowly killing you. To prevent fast death and serious future health implications please quit these habits. 1.Holding Your Urine: Holding your pee causes bacteria to grow in your bladder and eventually travels up to your kidneys. This can cause serious Kidney diseases. 2. Lying down while eating: This causes […]

Zobo Should Be Drunk Regularly – It Cures Cancer and Others (See How)
Zobo should be drunk regularly because it has been found to have numerous health benefits for you. It is popularly known in English as Hibiscus Tea. Itemized below are some of the amazing reasons Zobo should be drunk regularly! 1. It increases your blood volume: Looking for an easy and affordable way to increase your […]

Garri Cures Running Stomach! – See How!
Garri your popular meal for low-income periods has medicinal benefits. Simply put, Garri cures running stomach. It is becoming increasingly obvious, that excessive taking of drugs has very bad effects on the body system. Flagyl and the likes are very strong antibiotics that should only be taken in serious situations to cure very deep bacterial...

Onions and Some Effective Home Remedies for Toothache
- Toothache can pose serious problem if not treated in time - Onions and Garlic could be used to suppress pains arising from toothache - Alcohol could also serve as a bacteria killer

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Fitwell; fitness and wellness
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