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Diving should be fun. It should be safe. It should be simple.

Scuba diving should never be complicated and/or stressful.

The goal of Meraki Diving is to to share the best scuba diving tips, while promoting safety in all types of diving.

I’ve been very fortunate to have met some amazing scuba divers over the years. Many of them were happy to help me as a new diver, as there is much to learn after the basic open water class is finished. The friendliness and support of the community is the main reason that I have found so much enjoyment, and so little anxiety, one hundred feet beneath the surface.

I started this site in order to share as much of this information that I can, in hopes that other divers- both new and old – will be able to make some aspect of their dive safer, easier, and more fun!

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Meraki Diving | Enjoy Your Dive
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